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Welcome to the SISF Discussion Forum. This Forum is developed as a try-out for members of the SISF to share, connect and contribute, as in-person meetings and virtual meetings are a challenge due to time zones and COVID-19. The Forum will be evaluated after using it for a couple of months, together with you.

Before participating, please note the following rules for engagement:

  1. This is a exclusive tool for Sustainable Intensification Solutions Forum members. Participation from external actors will not be possible at this stage.

  2. Please refrain from sharing papers and comments in this blog with others. This is an internal discussion space for SISF members.

  3. You will need to use log in details that allow us to identify you. Anonymous contributions are not possible, the same applies to contributions done under aliases or pseudonyms.

  4. The purpose of this blog is to facilitate an open dialogue amongst members of the SISF. Please do not hesitate to share your opinions respectfully on the issues raised in the papers and by other members of the SISF.

  5. Participants of this forum are expected at all times to be respectful in their feedback. Comments that could be seen against this rule will be deleted and the participant will be contacted.

Participation Rules: Text
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